Refresh Your Face

November 10, 2018

2:30 PM - 4:45 PM
Early Bird Price: $ 75.00
After October 15, 2018: $ 85.00

This is a two part workshop: 1st hour: Dr. Gina Garner, DDS will guide us through the anatomy of the face and neck and where problem spots are that cause TMJ, headaches and tension. 2nd hour: Then, we continue to explore the face and neck with Yamuna practitioner, Joyce Yost Ulrich with a Yamuna face ball class. Learn tools for home to release the muscles in the face to help with TMJ, headaches, sinus problems and tension.

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Gina K. Garner DDS
Joyce Yost Ulrich Pilates Instructor, Yamuna® Body Rolling, Rossiter Coach