Joyce Yost Ulrich

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Joyce Yost Ulrich was originally a professional dancer, spending ten years performing with the Houston Ballet. She was introduced to Pilates at Houston Ballet in 1985, and took advantage of the amazing technique to rehabilitate from injury, returning to dance strong and balanced and prepared.
She is a Pilates Method Alliance Gold Standard Certified Teacher and graduate of The Pilates Center of Boulder's Masters Program as well as Contrology Pilates Method Qualified. She is an Associate Teacher for Anatomy Trains, using current research on the fascia and its unique characteristics to work more effectively with the body. Jo has been teaching Pilates and furthering her own personal education about the body since 1998. Jo is also a practitioner of Yamuna® Body Rolling, a myofascial release technique practiced with a series of small balls. She has used YBR® to complement her Pilates work since 2001. Yamuna®'s Face work alleviates headaches, TMJ, and sinus pain. A combination of Pilates and Yamuna® footwork through Jo's guidance has been successful in alleviating foot issues.
In addition to teaching Pilates at Houston Ballet, Jo introduced Yamuna Body Rolling to Houston Ballet in 2001 and it is now an integral part of the Houston Ballet Academy's Summer Intensive Program as well as an integral part of the injury prevention program for the professional company.
Jo is happy to answer questions about Spatial Medicine, Pilates, Yamuna® Body Rolling, Rossiter or her Treehouse.

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